The symposium is organised by the Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society in collaboration with:

Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Bul. Krste Misirkov 2, P.O. Box 428, MK
1000 Skopje. (

Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Novi trg 2, SI 1000 Ljubljana. (


About the society

Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society was established in 1960 (first president was Braun-Blanquet) with an aim to stimulate the cross-border cooperation for studies of vegetation in the region. Membership is not limited to this region. There are members from different countries from Germany to Turkey. The society has been working continuously for 50 years and organises symposia every second year. The society brings together the researchers, initiates the co-operation and supports common work on the projects. The participation to the symposium is not limited only to the members of the society, but is widely opened to the scientific public interested in flora and vegetation of the region and beyond. (