Location of the hotel Metropol Lake Resort, (41,057434oN; 20,801953oE)

The meeting will take place in Ohrid that lies on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid. The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments and it is called Balkan Jerusalem. It lies below the Galičica mountain range and not far from Pelister Mountain where two national parks are situated. Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted among cultural and natural world heritage sites by Unesco.


How to get to Ohrid

In Ohrid, there exists an international airport. Ohrid can be also easily reached by car of bus: there is a good bus connection to Skopje (181 km). It can be reach also by boat, as Durrës on the coast is only 173 km apart.


Getting to the venue:

The venue will take place in the hotel Metropol Lake Resort Settlement Konsko b/b, MK 6000 Ohrid ( It is situated on a shore of the Lake Ohrid, 7 km from the town Ohrid and 14 km from Ohrid Airport. It is possible to reach hotel by minibus or taxi.